March 26, 2009

to my writer’s world.  At this life juncture, I proudly call myself a creative writer.  Because I write.  Every day. (Well, almost…)  Mostly for children, but also adults.  Fiction and poetry, but also lots of nonfiction.  I write to publish, but I’m still an apprentice, still seeking and striving to master my craft.  I spend my days happily working with language and aspiring toward art.

Here’s where you’ll find bits and pieces of my new world.  The doors are open so I invite you to linger and look around if you wish. 

Learn more about My History and the circuitous life path I took to arrive where I am today. 

Check out My Writing and observe me at work in my online writer’s studio as I practice and polish.  Comment and critique what you read if you like.  I’d appreciate the feedback.  

Click on the writers’ resources I’ve discovered to help me along on my journey.

Before leaving, visit the sites of my new children’s writer friends and some of those I’ve never met but whose wonderful books inspire me onward.

And come back again.  I only expect to get better at what I so love to do.